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Have you heard about the Secret Menu at Totally Thai?

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Not many restaurants in Leamington and Warwick have a Secret Menu…Totally Thai has!

Kim and Jon are the proud owners of the very first Thai restaurant to be opened in Leamington and Warwick. It’s a family run business which has being going since 1998!

Kim is from Roi Et which lies in the North Eastern Province of Thailand (more commonly known as Isan) with some parts of Isan actually bordering the country of Laos.

We can’t mention Totally Thai without professing our love for their Panang Curry, it’s a gorgeous curry which is rich and creamy, spicy yet balanced, with just the tastiest nutty flavour. It really is one of many “must try” dishes on the menu.

What can we reveal about the Secret Menu…?

That Thai people from across Warwickshire come to Totally Thai to order from it and it’s made up completely of Isan dishes. We won’t reveal too much more but we will reveal a couple of indyleam recommendations from the secret menu.

Nam Dok (sliced beef with chilli, lime juice and fish sauce) an amazing dish with super punchy flavour.

Weeping Tiger, a super flavoursome marinated fillet steak served with a Thai spicy chilli sauce a showstopper of dish.

Find Totally Thai on Warwick Place (Market Square) in Warwick. Thai food and Thai restaurants have become popular in the area but if you’re after proper authentic Thai Food, Totally Thai is the restaurant for you.

Thinking of visiting? Why not download the official indyleam mobile app and gain access to exclusive offers for your meal!

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