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Warwick’s one and only place to sample Apulian cuisine… Happy Puccia!

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Sometimes there are gems right under your nose and Happy Puccia is absolutely one of those places situated on Smith Street in Warwick.

Happy Puccia is a coffee shop bringing you authentic Apulian food. Apulia is a Southern region of Italy (it’s the heel of Italy’s “Boot” on the map) and it’s known for its white washed hill towns and Mediterranean coastline.

The Coffee Shop come bistro was opened by Guisy and Gigi in 2018 and the café is named after the star of the show, the Puccia Sandwiches.

The Puccia bread is made from pizza dough (you’re sold already aren’t you!) and is so soft on the inside but crunchy on the outside. Any self-respecting foodie who hasn’t tried one…what are you waiting for?

They have 22 different Puccia’s on their menu and you can create your own should you want to.

Our recommendation… ask for the special Gigi made for indyleam (Pancetta, Gorgonzola, Pear, Rocket, Tomatoes and Chilli Chutney).

Guisy is very passionate about her coffee with the coffee beans sourced from Italy and a lot of the ingredients served across the menu are sourced from Apulia. It’s seriously legit!

We cannot post about Happy Puccia and not mention the finest accompaniment to a coffee you are yet to try, their Black Cherry Pasticciotto.

Happy Puccia is a bit of haven for cyclists so if you’re riding through Warwick, this is your place for a coffee and a sweet treat to recharge.

Happy Puccia really is a gem and for those of you yet to try a Puccia or a Pasticciotto. You won’t be disappointed!

Be sure to check Happy Puccia out on the official indyleam mobile app!

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