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Q: Can the indyleam offers/promotions be used in conjunction with other offers available that aren’t featured on the app?

A: Unfortunately, the exclusive offers and promotions available on the app are not allowed to be used in conjunction with any other offers. 

Q: How do I redeem the offer or promotion using the app?

A: An active indyleam membership will have a rotating indyleam logo within the functionality of the app. 

The independent will ask to see this at the point of ordering or point of payment. Note screenshots of the logo will not be accepted as proof of a live indyleam app and you may be asked for ID. 

Q: How long will the indyleam app be free to use to everyone?

A: We are keen for everyone to see the value of having the indyleam app so we are offering the app free for the first three months at which point we will be migrating to an £1.99 monthly subscription for the use of the exclusive offers and promotions. 

In almost all instances this £1.99 fee will pay for itself by using the app just once a month!


Q: Will I be automatically charged when my free membership runs out? 

A: Absolutely not, you will never be automatically charged to move from free to paid membership. 

We are certain that you will see great value in keeping the indyleam app that you will have to upgrade to the paid £1.99 membership per month once the free trial has run out. You will never be automatically charged to move from free to paid membership. 


Q: Is there a limit to how many offers and promotions I can use in one day?

A: No, there is no limit to how many offers and promotions you can use in one day, one week or one month. 


Q: Will there be new offers and new independent businesses offering exclusive offers and promotions.

A: Yes, there will be new independents appearing all the time on the app and it’s worth noting that the offers that existing independents are subject to change so please keep your eyes peeled on the app and our Instagram for news on new independents and new offers.


Q: Can I use the app in independents outside of Leamington and Warwick?

A: Unfortunately, you cannot, indyleam is about supporting the amazing local businesses within Leamington and Warwick at (very close) surrounding areas. If you’re unsure where you can use the app be sure to check out our handy map feature. 

Q: Can independents refuse the right for me to use my indyleam offer/promotion?

A: Although we don’t foresee this happening, like any business they all reserve the right to refuse promotions and offers in extreme situations at their discretion. 


Q: If I have an issue with the app how do I get in touch with the indyleam team?

A: We recommend you email us at and we will aim to get back to you within a timely manner or through the contact form by clicking here.


Q: I’m in a local independent business and I’m interested in being featured on the app. How do I get in touch with the indyleam team?

A: We always want to hear from quality local independents in Leamington and Warwick so if you are interested in speaking to us, please email us on and we will aim to get back to you in due course.

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